Microtek UPS SWE2+ 1115 VA/ 12 Volt

Brand     Microtek
Model ID     UPS E2+ 1115VA
Type     Inverter
Colour     Gray

Battery Charging Current     Constant Charging Approx 10 Percent of The Rated Battery Current in AH
Battery     1 Battery System
Switching     Switching from Mains to UPS and from UPS to Mains: Automatic
Output Waveform     Mains Mode: Standard Range: 90 - 300 V (in UPS E2+ 1115 model only), 100 - 300 V; Narrow Range: 180 - 260 V; UPS Mode: TPZi Waveform (Trape Zoidal Waveform)
Charger     Constant Current, Constant Wattage
Efficiency     More than 87 Percent (on battery mode)
UPS Overload/UPS Short Circuit     110/300 Percent
UPS Transfer Time     Less than equal to 15 msec.
Technology     Micro Controller Based Design
Auto Reset Feature     Yes
Display     Indications (Status and Fault)
Width     15 cm
Over Volt Protection     Yes
Material     Metal
Composition     Transformer, Card, Mosfets
Compatible     TV/Audio
Supports     Main line

Powerex 150 Ah Full Tubular Tower Type

Inverter- 2 Year
Battery 3 Year Full 2 Year Prorated
Trolley Installation Charges Extra

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