Microtek Solar 1130 VA/12 Volt

Specially designed Sinewave SOLAR UPS Model for backup for computers.
Microtek Solar UPS is Integrated with an in-built 30amp Solar Charge Controller, which enables the conversion of solar power to electricity.
While charging battery from Solar Power as against Mains, 98% of efficiency is delivered.
Microtek Solar UPS always gives first preference to Solar Power while charging the battery. It senses the availability of Solar Power/Mains Power and gives charging preference to the Solar Power Charge & switches to the Mains Power only when the Solar Power is not available.
The UPS has been specially designed, so that you get maximum benefit from the sun and charging from Solar Panel will cut down your electricity consupmtion while charging from mains.
You will get Longer BACKUPS during powercuts, as the UPS will use power from the solar panel also.
Highly Efficient Transformer, helps in Fast charging of the battery & Saves Energy.
It increases the life of Battery as a Solar PV panel converts sulight directly into pure direct mains, whenever needed.
Bypass Switch - This additional bypass switch enables you to isolate your UPS from mains, whenever needed.
Upto 500W Solar Panel for SS 1130 Model

Brand     Microtek
Model ID     UPS Solar SS 1130
Type     Inverter
Colour     Gray

Battery Charging Current     Mains: Constant charging approx 10 Percent of the rated battery current in AH
Switching     Switching from Mains to UPS and from UPS to Mains: Automatic
Output Waveform     Mains Mode: 100 - 300 V (Wide input voltage range), 180 - 260 V (Normal input voltage range); UPS Mode: Pure Sine Wave
Charger     Power Factor Controlled Boost Technology
Efficiency     More than 80 Percent
UPS Overload/UPS Short Circuit     110/300 Percent
UPS Transfer Time     Less than 15 msec.
Technology     Micro Controller Based Design
Auto Reset Feature     Yes
Maximum Solar Panel Current     30 Amps
Solar Power Module     12 V Solar Power Module for UPS SS 1130
Width     15 cm
Over Volt Protection     Yes
Material     Metal
Composition     Transformer, Card, Mosfets
Compatible     TV/Audio
Supports     Main line
Power Consumption     Upto 500 Watts Solar Panel
Input Voltage     100 - 300 V (Wide input voltage range), 180 - 260 V (Normal input voltage range)
Output Voltage     Mains mode: 100 - 300 V (Wide input voltage range), 180 - 260 V (Normal input voltage range); UPS Mode: 210 V + 10 Percent
Others     Output frequency on UPS Mode: 50 + 0.1 Hz;

Battery- Powrex 150 Ah

Inverter 2 Year
Battery - 5 years
Panel - 5 Years

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